Oil, Gas & Petrochemical inspection and survey

Founded in 2008 by experienced oil and gas engineers, Cyberhawk conducts close visual and thermal inspections and surveys of high, live and difficult to reach structures at onshore and offshore oil and gas and COMAH installations using UAVs.

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More than 200 live flare inspections

More than 5,000 structural inspections

Projects completed in more than 20 countries

Projects completed for more than 50 oil, gas and petrochemical companies

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Track record

Cyberhawk has achieved more than 25 world firsts. We have completed over 200 live flare inspections and more than 5,000 structural inspections using UAS technology. Cyberhawk is the world’s most experienced oil and gas drone inspection and survey company.

Global footprint

Operating from offices on four continents, Cyberhawk has completed assignments in more than 20 countries across Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia for all the world’s major oil and gas companies.


Highly trained

All of our engineers are ASME or CSWIP qualified plant inspectors with flare, structural, mechanical or chemical engineering backgrounds, whilst our industry leading training programme produces highly experienced pilots. Our offshore pilots undertake four levels of training and have a minimum of 18 months’ experience and 500 flights.

UAV inspection as a screening tool

Using our technology as a screening tool, we can help our clients undertake an early inspection of their assets before prioritising further inspection or maintenance activities.


Multiple work scope inspections

With the ability to inspect multiple assets on a single mobilisation, and to work from a supply vessel offshore, we can complete structural, dropped object and emergency inspections without requiring bed space on the platform. This gives our clients the flexibility to plan UAV activities around other workscopes, negating the need for persons on board, and the capability to inspect unmanned installations (NUIs) without being on them.


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Our Clients

We work with all six oil and gas supermajors, independent operators, global service companies and a number of national oil companies.